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Los Mariachis’ 1st Meeting News

The 1st Los Mariachis meeting is upcoming on Saturday 15th December! If you’ve not gotten your confirmation email to say you’re in Los Mariachis, you don’t need to come but your email will come after the Meeting.

If you’re worrying about how well tak in a safe chat server (Bonza, Australia), just follow these steps:

1. chat_step1.png

Click the image to make it bigger. Click the Question Mark on your chatbar.

2. chat_step2.png

Then click the arrow

3. chat_step3.png You should see a loading box come up. once it’s done, click the “X” then walk into a different room, you can now chat!

Our 1st Subject will be ideas, in the meetng we will share our ideas for the mariachis and after that we can PARTY PARTY PARTY!!!

Here are the details:

Flag: Australia (The End Flag)

Server: Bonza

Date: Saturday 15th December

Time: 12:00PST

Location: The Dance Club

I hope to see you there!


December 11, 2007 at 9:44 pm 4 comments

Los Mariachis’ 1st Meeting

Hola Muchachos,

Some of you may know that I said that there would be a meeting today, but I never went through with it. To make up for it, I am holding the Mariachis’ 1st ever meeting on┬áSaturday 15th December! The time is not decided yet, that will be up to all of you to choose. Remember, all times are in PST(Penguin Standard Time). If you don’t know what this is, go to the Snow Forts and click this panel which is next to the Clock Tower…


The Meeting will be in the Dance Club on the server Bonza in Australia, I know it’s a safe chat server but don’t worry, more info on that later. I have been planning this meeting so it should work out nice. This meeting is invitation only, so if you don’t get an email with the invite, don’t expect to have to come.

Hasta Luego!

December 1, 2007 at 1:50 pm 6 comments


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